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ALFASACCO Solution is a modern and proven enterprise platform that meets the needs of next generation SACCOs. This web enabled application gives SACCOs the capacity to service markets in diverse geographies and cultures in a multi-channel context, as it supports multi-currency and multi-lingual features.

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The Alfasacco System (HIMS) is a system developed to meet the entire needs of a Sacco organisation in a growing environment.
The system comprises of various operational and management modules that will greatly assist in the day-to-day management of a Sacco. The modules are integrated into an overall system and they function inter-dependently to provide a collective Sacco resource planning and management tool.

Some of the Sacco Management Software Features include: Member Registration Client Registration Module. Allow capture of Client bio data, social economic data and any other important information about the Client. Including Client’s beneficiaries, bank details and identification documents Member Personal Account This module manages all Members transactions related to Accounting, Payments and Receipts. It provides a means of processing and extraction of the information relating to Members transactions in a precise, accurate and effective manner of extracting and displaying or printing the same for analysis and decision making process.

Members payments can be received in the against Deposits Interest Loan principal. Share capital Lump sum charges Loan clearance charges Loan application charges Insurance fee Entrance fee Loan scheduling fees Others Loan Processing Transactions This module integrates seamlessly with other modules in the system It is possible through this module to receive, apply, appraise, endorse, track, monitor and evaluate Client’s transactions, and connect to the DMS source of documents. It’s able to generate loans guaranteed by the applicant and their statuses. It also generates number of loans guaranteed by guarantors and their statuses. The system also generates a loan application number in a specified format The module can generate an automated electable SMS/email alert as the loan is processed.

When an application is received inform the borrower and the timelines expected. Inform the guarantors to a loan of the extent of their guarantee. Inform the borrower when the loan is approved and any fees payable before disbursement. Inform the borrower when funds are disbursed. The system provides for a maker, checker and approver in all loan processes. The person who appraises may not approve. – Committee approval where a loan has to be approved by specified persons. The system allow for a full loan approval up to payment through the system. Once a loan is fully approved the system notifies accounts department of pending payments from loans department. The system allows for an online approval (by loans committee) and disbursement of funds (by authorized signatories).

Alfasacco Core modules

System Admin

Create System users, Assign roles, audit trail and database backup. Used in monitoring security levelnts.

Manage members

Client and Members Registration, bio data information mangement with reports.

Loans Processing

From Loan application, Approval,disbursements, amortization schedule and Repayments with reports.

Shares and Dividends

Handles all transactions involving share purchase, transfer, value changes and dividends with associated reports

Front Office

Manages Front office operations involving customers their accounts, standing orders and associated statements.

HRM and Payroll

Helps in managing employee matters from Bio data, Time attendance, Training as well as payroll processing.

Key Features

  • Maintenance of SACCO members
  • Maintenance of share module
  • Dividend processing module
  • Web based centralised application
  • Highly scalable application & database
  • Supports unlimited branches/accounts/customers
  • Easy to integrate alternate business channels like mobile banking, POS/agency ATM interface
  • General Ledger - This module enables maintaining general ledger accounts required for conducting financial transactions of the SACCO.
  • Workflow based account and loan application module
  • Savings and Deposits Maintenance - The system allows the institution to set up different types of savings product targeting different classes of clients, apply charges and periodical interest.
  • Products - Allows easy configuration of financial rules
  • Integrated Notification System
  • Collateral and Guarantor management
  • Easy to learn and use

Benefits of Alfasacco

  • Easy reconciliation of financial data
  • Support of multiple means of communication and payment
  • Easy management of business operation
  • Low learning curve for SACCO users
  • Ability for financial institutions to issue their financial positions at the end of the day in any given branch
  • Independent running of system processes
  • Inbuilt financial reports exportable to multiple formats
  • Faster processing of transactions
  • Easy management of business operations