Point of sales

AlfaPOS is a complete business management tool. Use it to manage not only your sales but also to control your inventory, your finances, your cash register and much more

POS in General

A Point of Sale is where the customer goes to check out and pay for their purchases. That is, the cashier counter, AlfaPOS is integrated with several automation devices such as receipt printers, barcode scanner, scales and cash drawer (through the receipt printer).‍

Some of the features

Direct Checkout‍

Use this option when you don’t need to go through the whole order-taking process. Easily choose the payment method, link a seller to the transaction, add discounts, and print out the receipt (from both regular and thermal receipt printers). AlfaPOS is compatible to be used with several devices, such as printers, barcode scanners, scales, and cash drawer.

Apply Discounts

Give your customers a treat by adding a discount over their purchases. Take any amount or percentage off of the sales total amount, or of any specific product. You may also set a specific period for any product to be on sale: the discount of your preference will be automatically added when you sell the item..


Quickly return or exchange any product from any POS. Give your customer a full refund, or else add the total amount as store credit to be used for the next purchases, according to your shop’s return policy.‍

Barcode Labels and Scanner‍

Use your barcode scanner to hurry things up while taking orders or checking out sales in your POS. Nex will easily create a functional barcode label for products without the original barcode.

Payment Method Management‍

Add as many payment methods as you accept in your store (cash, debit and credit cards, etc) to easily manage and filter your sales by the different

Cash Register (Till) Management‍

Open your daily Register with one single click, informing the opening balance. Use the Money Counter tool and the Closing Report to make sure that everything checks out and not a single penny is missing.

Advanced Features

Users Shift Management‍

Each user opens and closes their own register during their shifts. The registers are identified separately, making it easier for you to check for any divergence. At the end of the day, you’ll still be able to combine all the individual registers for your daily balance

Integration With Cash Drawer

Connect your good ol’ cash drawer (till) to your receipt printer to keep the money well organized. The drawer will open automatically after every sale.‍

Inventory Management‍

Nex Inventory Management controls all your products’ movements: stock input and output; items with low stock level, and much more.

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